Chandlerscross (Large Town, 4,790): The chaos that overcame Scardale Town has no hold on Chandlerscross. The town is clean, the paint on the wooden houses is fresh, and the city watch — all Scardalefolk, with no foreign troops to run things — is quietly competent. Though not mindful of the original Dalelands charter, the citizens of Chandlerscross generally feel that cooperation with the rest of the dales could be a fine thing, as long as the other dales or countries keep their troops out of Scardale and their spies in Sembia and Cormyr.

In partnership with the nearby town of Scarsdeep, Chandlerscross is the seat of Scardale’s government. Provisional Governor Khelvos Dermmen administers the dale from a small keep overlooking the Ashaba, and for routine business (anything the Scardale Town garrison commanders don’t consider important) the Scardale Council meets here.

Places of interest:
The House of Duty Fulfilled
The Favored Chance
Shrine to Waukeen

Inns and Taverns:
The Scarhaven
Oar and Sail
Mulhorand Brewhouse
Drowned Rat’s Delight
The Sheathed Sword


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