Factions in Scarsdale

While Scardale Town is ungoverned at the moment, it isn’t completely lawless. Several factions all work to enforce their own sort of order on the chaos of the city.

The Dancers: This gang of halfling fighter rogues generally arms themselves with magically enhanced kukris. They seem to be nothing more than common brigands looking for an opportunity to wring as much gold as possible from the chaos in the city. The Dancers are quick to assert their strength with blade and bolt. Their boast: “One dance with a Dancer is all you get.”
The Long Death: Monks of the Long Death have taken advantage of Scardale’s dissolution to establish a school in old warehouses of the port district. Their existence isn’t exactly public, but the players on the political landscape hope to use the monks for their own ends instead of making enemies of them.

The Silver Ravens: Official Sembian policy is to leave Scardale alone until the mystery of the Shaking Plague is solved. The Silver Ravens follow Miklos Selkirk (see Sembia, below), not the Sembian government, and Miklos has no intention of watching the Zhents steal the prize that Sembia had in its grasp. Miklos’s fondest hope is to reform Scardale Town as a free port on the Sea of Fallen Stars that pays lip service to the Dales Compact. He thinks that “Silverdale” has a nice ring to it.

Thayan Enclave: The Red Wizards of Thay have a medium-sized enclave operating in Scardale Town. As usual, they sell magic items to anyone who pays their eminently fair prices. The Red Wizards operating in Scardale are of neutral alignments, and consequently, the Thayans are among the most trustworthy power groups operating in Scardale. Even the Harper agents in the area treat them with some forbearance, since the Red Wizards in Scardale scrupulously avoid slaving.

Zhentil Keep: The Dalesfolk are weighing what to make of Scyllua’s right to the throne of Scardale — assuming that the whole thing isn’t a Zhent ruse. Their agents in the town are laying the groundwork for Scyllua’s eventual bid for power, but old habits die hard, and some Zhent agents engage in their usual routines of sabotage, kidnapping, extortion, and murder.

Factions in Scarsdale

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